I posted here back in March, and you all were very helpful. Am hoping you can offer guidance on a NS dynamics question. NS 1 diagnosed me with communicating hydrocephalus in 2008, but now over-draining VP shunt (lateral & 3rd slit-ventricle); he suspects high-flow occult leak. Referred me to NS 2 (different hospital system) for 2nd opinion/consult. NS 2 says over-shunted, slit-ventricle, no occult leak & remove entire shunt system. Neither recommends myelogram because of additional leak site risk. Have complete Brain, Cervical, Thorasic & Lumbar MR series waiting to be sched’d within next week. NS 1 hasn’t weighed in on NS 2’s opinion; wants to review MRs, but it takes forever to get NS 1 on phone. NS 2 wants to move forward and can “squeeze me in” on August 29th when he’ll review MRs. I expect NS 1 objects heartily to shunt removal. So, NS 1 & NS 2 will be at odds, unless there’s obvious spinal leaking. My gut says 1) there is a hidden leak somewhere (based on history, shunt revisions & sudden onset), and 2) removing shunt is ludicrous because I’ll need one again at some point. I value both NS & I don’t want to irritate either (both nat’lly recognized on CSF leak & hydro issues - I'm lucky in this respect). Am concerned about 1) the vast difference of opinion, 2) that it seems they both want to take lead, and 3) timing – I’ll lose my job if I’m not back at work by mid-Sept; both NS know this. Anyone have advice on how to “juggle” NS 1 & NS 2? And/or, even tho it will take a couple months, should I go solicit NS 3 for addt’l opinion? Thank you in advance.