I was shocked when I came by several days and saw nobody had posted in Fibromyalgia Forum. I know it is not a rare disease, just a most painful disease if you can call it a disease.

I have it and the older I get the worse it gets. It's sort of strange, I can tell sometimes which disease is making my back and/or shoulder hurt so bad! When they all are hurting at the same time I scream((inside my head)) bloody murder!!

I feel for anyone that has it and I don't know a thing that will help it. They say put ice on what hurts the most, but heat is so soothing if anything is going to help. My PM Dr. says heat will make everything swell. My daughter is a PT and she says the same thing. Sometimes I just have to have something that will help just a little while.

How about it? Does anybody else have any clues to what is best to treat this awful ailment? Hope to find someone when I come back.

((((gentle hugs to all )))))) Jo aka Julia