So I had a spontaneous leak in April 2010. After 2 blood patches & a CT Myelogram I finally came up with the funds to go see Dr. Shievink in April of 2011 (don't hesitate - just go to him now). I still have subtle symptoms, but the most important thing I feel I need to share is get the CT Myelogram first. I know it's hard to be up right, & I konw you are scared & confused with why the pain/pressure when you are upright, but if you don't know what caused your leak, find out where it started!!!!!

We (my now amazing husband & patient best friend) diagnosed me from the internet & this forum before we found my neurologist. The doctor's response was - "the fix is the blood patch, so shall we schedule it?" That would have been fine, but what he wasn't aware of is that it frequently takes multiple patches to fix & if you haven't located the actual leak, then you aren't sure if the fix it spot will be 100% effective. You can do it - you can handle the CT Myelogram. Get conscious sedation & put up with the pressure during the initial films & I promise you you will be happier & not so frustrated to continue treatment. I am on almost 2 years & almost fully recovered.

My only drawbacks are headaches & pressure during weight bearing upper body activites (think downward dog in yoga or picking up really heavy objects or handstands). But getting better (as is my bank account after all the bills).

Get information, go see Dr Shievink (specialist is worth the LA visit) & be patient with yourself.

Cheers to no leaking in 2012!