Hi all

I have not had a dx but I am getting some very odd symptoms - I won't go through them again as I have wrote a lengthy post re headaches with it all in!

I have a lot of ear issues - mainly hissing, tinnitus (ringing), some deafness with headaches and painful hearing with certain noises - this is all in my left ear. The doc said they look fine - maybe they do but my ear does not feel fine.

I have noticed today, that when I crouch down I get a pressure from my shoulders and upper back that goes into my head and ears. It makes my ears feel full (bit like cabin pressure) and then my hearing is muffled and this is in both ears.

I have had a stiff neck today though and dull headache. And sitting up on sofa was giving me head pressure today so I am laying down now :)

I had a horrible taste from my nose in my throat yesterday so thinking it could be my sinuses (but it is not that mucky sinus taste just not nice).

I have ehlers danlos too so suffer with pain in joints and ligaments all the time. And have autonomic dysfunction dx this February.

Since last year I have been getting all sorts of bazaar symptoms so am looking for answers regarding my head and ears as more symptoms bit by bit.

Thanks all x