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OT, but it is sort of related to us. This is the short version, but there is a link to the full length study within the paper.



"The findings reveal that the cause of multiple sclerosis may be biomechanical and related to earlier trauma to the neck, which can result in obstruction of the flow of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF), which is produced and stored in the central anatomic structures of the brain known as the ventricles. Since the ventricles produce a large volume of CSF each day (500 cc), the obstruction can result in a build up of pressure within the ventricles, resulting in leakage of the CSF into the surrounding brain tissue. This leakage could be responsible for generating the brain lesions of multiple sclerosis.
The cerebrospinal fluid, known as CSF, lubricates the brain and spinal cord. Utilizing FONAR's patented Advanced UPRIGHT® Multi-Position™ MRI technology, the team was able to view the flow of cerebrospinal fluid in and out of the brain with the patients lying down and upright. These invaluable dual observations have only been possible since the invention of an MRI capable of imaging the patient upright."

So my questions. I had a neck and head injury before meningitis and normal pressure hydrocephalus(nph) is a known "after affect" of meningitis.

Could I have an obstruction in my neck when I am upright that is causing a leak in my venticles? Could this be the reason my Beta 2 transferrin lab and cisternogram pledgets were positive?

So much more to know. My neurosurgeon did not even know nph could cause a csf leak. I sent him a link to the study. Maybe soon the upright MRI will become more common for some studies.

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