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Thread: Guess what I want for Christmas

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    Default Guess what I want for Christmas

    well this is just to change the title that shows up but it will work just fine.

    Since Meannes has died, a few days has passed. Anyway after hubby came home after being gone most all day, I said to him - guess what I want for Christmas?

    He replied a dog. Well the surprise was his, I said no I want my living room finished!! The ceiling has the first coat of stuff we hired put up after the blown bubble type was scraped off. the vents are still out and i still don't have a fan or light fixtures in ceiling. hubby put them on porch and of course that has been a l o n g time ago so we need new one. Yep, he needs to do some work, I want an overhead light and also to be able to use that nice dining room living room combination if I want to!

    Of course I am suppose to get a new kitchen too. I have been dragging my feet as much as he has but it is way past time to get it all in order. We are not getting any younger and the longer it stay with the old cabinets etc. the worse they look. And who wants to wash white cabinets that are sllscratched up and will still look awful after you finish, not me.

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    well it's about time you get what you want Joy! you & your DH deserve to have a nice place to enjoy! and maybe change the furniture arrangement while you're at it? I know what you're going through,everywhere you look you can "see" Meaness being there. I went through that for months after Rags was gone. (((hugs))) Pati

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