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Thread: ...Is this an aneurysm?

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    Default ...Is this an aneurysm?

    Pops in the head? I've seen several of you describe it like that... well are these it?

    First case, was in the bathroom with the laptop... went to raise my head and all of a sudden got this weird falling over/fainting brain ripping apart feeling like something was pulling a part back there. People keep saying it's the neck but I just don't know. There was no pain, just a loss of balance and the sensation my brain was being torn apart and shook. Weird? Went to the ER, they wouldn't even consider it as an aneursym... would not give me a CT scan, would not refer me to a neurologist... I had a CT scan a month before that and it was negative but had no dye.. and I'm still not convinced....

    Apparently I lived so it may may not have been.

    But yesterday...
    I was in the college library waiting around for class. I felt some liquid hot spots on my head on one side so I thought it was my hair sweating and went to wipe it then my left eye, opposite of where I touched kinda watered so I went to wipe that away. As son as I did that it was like.. "WHAM" on the left side of my head, ear, temple, jaw, the whole head shook on that side and my ear popped. No pain, but it was weird as hell.. again the feeling of the brain being ripped or pulled on that side.. It was like.. someone hit me or a sonic boom happened on that side really hard to describe...

    Since I'm a hypchondriac I TRIED to go to the counselor first instead of calling 911 or going home. But the counselor wasn't in and so I asked the lady at the desk and SHE said it sounded like an aneurysm herself and said my eyes were dilated. (Fear? Dunno.) She called 911, and I was freaking out in the safety department (college version of a school nurse) waiting. Couldn't sit still... shaking, teeth chattering, splashing water on my face to calm down, heart POUNDING and deep breathing. Thinking I was gonna just drop dead all of a sudden... and scared to death. But... no pain.

    911 gets there, and takes my vitals. But instead of even considering it they quickly dismiss it saying I'd have pain, blood pressure would be high (it was normal???) and my eyes would be dilated and I'd be confused, etc. I tried to tell them of the survivor stories I've read here where you don't always die or display immediate symptoms... but they wouldn't listen. Instead?

    They call my grandma and get me freakin' committed to a psych ward for 24 hours for being scared with anxiety and "lying" that I have an aneurysm.... wouldn't even let me have an MRI or cat scan.. or anything or even consider that I MAY just be right this time...

    I'm scared to death, I got out of the psych ward. But... was it a sentinel headache but no pain? Was it a rupture and I'm walking dead person? Neck or TMJ like they think? I don't know anymore.. and they won't do the tests.. I can't demand the tests or I get petitioned into wards... I'm completely lost of choices...

    Sorry again to be bugging you all about if it is one or not...

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    i dont know

    epilepsy?stroke?plugged up ear?

    good luck
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    Tht was yesterday around 2pm. Now it's been a day and it's 9pm the next day and the eye on that side as well as the sinus and jaw hurt. Aneurysm ruptured?! So scared... too scared to sleep.. >.<

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