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    Default I'm back!

    Hey Brain Talkers!

    Sorry I haven't been around. I need to try to catch up and see what I have missed.

    Since I was last here, I have had a change in my meds. I asked my doctor to take me off the oxycontin. Now I am on the Fent patch 75mcg every 48 hours plus Fentora #180 every 25-28 days.

    For those on the patch, where is the best place to stick it to your body? I am very thin and like to put the patch on my chest eventho you can feel my bones there. This shoudnt cause a problem with the way the patch works since its on my chest bones, should it? Or does it need to be on a more fatty area?

    Thanks for any replies and I will ask my pharmisict tomorrow when I go pick up my other meds.


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    Welcome back... this is certainly a spot to BE.....and a true-ism...The MORE the Merrier....

    I know nothing of the patch can't help you out there...I am always picking the pharmacists brain about my mother's medications...They are a fountain of wisdom...

    Hope you are having success with your patch....

    Blessings to us all.........

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    Thank you hummer, you are so sweet.

    Well I picked up my meds today and forgot to ask the pharm about my patch. Go figure....ha.

    I had a P.E.T scan today to check for cancer on one of my tumors. Waiting for th doc now for the results. Wish me luck.

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    I will wish you Blessings....LOTS of GOOD ones....

    That is the worst....the having to wait....too many mind 'thinks' for too least with me....

    I will send out some prayers for you...and the best results.....

    Blessings on us all......

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    Good to see you came back after being gone for awhile. Can't say I remember you because I'm new here,but according to others, this board was allot more active then. Good luck with the patch. What was the problem with the oxy ? I have been on the same dose for about 3 yrs. now. It sure doesn't take care of all the pain, but after trying so many others, decided to stick with this. I know that some people have to keep upping the dose, but I have decided to cope with the dose I'm on and not ask for higher doses. With other meds also helping for spasms, etc. God Bless.

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