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Thread: What is caused to have a diagnosis of MR, Bipoloar, and CP?

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    Default What is caused to have a diagnosis of MR, Bipoloar, and CP?

    Hi everyone,

    What is caused to be diagnose with MR, Bipolar, and CP? I do know that when I was a kid I would fall a lot, and hit my head because I had ADHD. As of today, my IQ is 68. In Pennsylvania, anything under the IQ of 70 is MR. I was also beaten when I was a kid. The guy use to beat me over the head with things like glass ash trays, radios, his bare hands, and so on. Could that be why my IQ comes back close to normal, but normal? The beating went on from ages 8-18.

    If my brain is damaged, would surgery fix it?

    What neurologists foucses in that area? Would it be a eplieptologist? Or something different?

    I live in Bethlehem, PA.

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    I have CP. I know CP is sometimes caused by trauma like the kind you unfortunately experienced. The part of brain effected by the CP can sometimes be figured out by a doctor finding out what type of CP you have. There are certain types of CP that occur more commonly when the brain was injured after birth. I don't know what a doctor would be able to do about your MR and Bipolar disorder because I don't know much about those conditions but they are finding with CP that the brain can relearn how to function in a better way like with what happened with this dancer who has Cerebral Palsy. You can read his story here:
    Hope this helps.
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    With mild CP alone, could it be corrected by surgery?

    I hope someone could answer that question. I have mild CP. I didn't watch the video, but I did read for the article. Thank you for sharing that.

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    It can't be cured with surgery(as of now)but it can be improved with surgery. I have spastic diplegia CP and I have had 2 tendon stretching operations. One on my ankle at age 3 which gave me the ability to stand and walk. And a second surgery behind my knees to make my movements smoother. You have to take years of physical therapy after surgery to basically relearn to use the area that was operated on because our bodies don't know how to function without the damaged signal from our brains being in control of the muscle that was operated on. You're welcome! I love that story.
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    Hi funnylegs4,

    Thank you so very much for that info. How can I find out if Bipolar, and MR can be either cured, or improved with surgery?

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    in my opinion, having read a lot about this...bipolar is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. i don't know if the beatings contributed to it, but it can develop anytime during your life. usually drugs are used to treat bipolar.

    by MR, i assume you mean mental retardation. if you had repeated brain injuries, i think you should have a neurologist examine you, give you some verbal tests and order an mri to see if there is anything physically wrong with your brain from the repeated injuries. IF there is, you might be able to be helped by surgery. if you were born this way, perhaps you can get some remedial education to help you function better, like a tutor.

    but the doctor to see for all your problems is probably a neurologist.

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    Some cases that get diagnosed as bipolar or schizophrenia can have their symptoms go away, but then that always makes people wonder if it really was "bipolar" or "schizophrenia." A book by Lia Govers (here) shows an emotional problem that got diagnosed as one of these disorders and the symptoms went away with something called psychodynamic therapy. Then, there are stories about medical issues getting diagnosed and again those symptoms go away with medical treatments, although they still are not "cured," they just don't have the symptoms (here). I have read about finding some causes of MR but they are either genetic or from brain trauma, and I have never heard of that having symptoms go away except for in cases where the problem is actually a nutrient missing.

    Oh, something that may be a problem is the genetic Rett Syndrome (see here). That is almost only in girls, but can happen in boys.

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