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Thread: Happy Birthday Big Queenie Jo

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    Ah Jo, so good to see you, I believe I sent ya PM before I read this so you may disregard lol. You know we love ya and I'm glad I got the date right!

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    question: how do we get into PM's now? mine is covered partway by a big white box.

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    Pati, I just kept punching things until I finally got one that said PM's. Who knows it I will ever find it again!

    lil queenie, I sent you a PM back and yes, I know you loves me and I loves you right back. Please forgive me if I don't answer on FaceBook. I can't sit very long and I have no idea how to do much on there anymore. Yes, you got my BD right. My baby's BD is Oct. 10th. Those are the only words he could say for a long time. lol

    Pati, Beth brought her dog to see me today and he fell in love with me. I don't know what kind he is but he is big and has a big mouth. I was a bit scared of him, but he warmed up to me real quick. Probably because I held my breath and kept petting him. Beth said he was smiling at me, but I think he wanted to kiss me. That's where I drew the line. He was a sweetie though.

    thanks again to all of you for the BD wishes. That was very sweet of all of you. love to you all, Jo
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