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    Caitlin has an appt at the seating clinic on was SHORT notice (made the appt on friday after they canceled her original appt). Anyway! There is a possibility of a new chair I think and I would definitely love for it to weigh less than the heavy clunker she has now. We do not have a lift for the van (nor do I want one! I need all the seats & space for my other kids too) I am tired of hoisting the 70lb chair in/out all the time. I know they make them in lighter materials and hope that insurance will pay for that. She currently has a quickie zippy (I forget the exact model #) manual chair. I saw a brand online called TiLite that is made from titanium...lightweight! Wondering if any of y'all have experience with this brand and how you have liked it (or not!)? :) Or any other lightweight brands you may know of??

    Lisa O.

    PS, Yay, I am up to post #10 now and am allowed to have my pictures back on here! :)
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    I have a TiLite ZRA and I realy like it. I have had this chair for about 7 years now and really do not any other type of chair. The issue that I am having is that insurance does not pay for titanium chairs anymore.

    I think TiLite going to start making chairs out of aliumin(sp)so that the insurance will pay for them.

    Hope this helps.

    Cindy 34, spatic cp

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    Thumbs up A good chair

    I use one made by Invacare called the At'm. It weighs a total 70+ pounds but it comes apart in three pieces. The bottom weighs 34lbs., the battery 26lbs. and the chair 16lbs. I can put in the bottom myself by leaning the it against my van and lifting the back end. I got it at I bought mine 6 years ago and I'm just now replacing the battery and the little things that press against the wheels to make it go. Battery was $115.00, not bad for gel cell, the other thingies were $18.00 apiece, you need two. It's pretty versatile but not so good on a steep incline, my DH just gives me a helping push. Very easy to convert from battery to push mode. I don't use it everyday, mostly when I have to walk more than an hour. I believe its covered by insurance and Medicare, I'm self pay and it has been worth it.
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    Go with tilite!!! I got an aliumin one last December due to my insurance wouldn't cover titanium. The OT who did my sitting eval, said that aliumin was actually lighter but slightly less durable. Fine, I am not playing WC Rugby, aliumin sounded fine-I need light/durable not super durable. I definitely recommend the brand!!! I just wish they could have gotten the color I wanted-lol..But the color we settled for is not awful, certainly livable..
    Go with tilite!!!

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