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    Hi Everyone - my mother was diagnosed with a colloid cyst last year, but she did not tell me until this year when she went back and it had grown from 12mm to 17mm. I am very concerned that her neurosurgeon's wait and see approach. He said she does not have water on the brain, but he did not mention the location of the cyst. I am very nervous after reading about the foramina of Monro - if the cyst is near that area it could cause sudden death. My mother does not have to have brain surgery because she is scared she will lose who she is. Has anyone had this size of colloid cyst? Should she consider surgery? I am looking for a second opinion. We live in Raleigh, NC, so we have access to wonderful medical facilities here. Does anyone know who the best is in our area?

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    Hi dana2050:

    I'm sorry to hear about your mother. I did find these 2 articles that you might be interested in reading. I don't have the full source but here they are as follows:

    Hypothesis about the physiopathology of acute deterioration and sudden death caused by colloid cysts of the third ventricle.

    Colloid cyst of the velum interpositum: a common lesion at an uncommon site.

    I thinks it's good that she doesn't have hydrocephalus. Does she have other symptoms? Memory issues? Vision issues? Balance issues? Etc? They are typically, but evidently, not always located at the foramen of Monro.

    I hope all turns out well for you and your mother.

    Best Regards,

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