Hi everybody, I'm finally back on the Cerebral Palsy Forum! CP rules!
I just got a pair of these foldable forearm crutches from Walk Easy and they are a dream come true!!! http://www.walkeasy.com/shop/product...roductCode=479 I had their regular ajustable model in blue for years. They worked wonderfully but I noticed I was using them in only short intervals due to my improving mobility. I now walk unaided about 70-80% of the time whereas when I got the original forearm crutches I was only walking unaided about 40%. Since I still need to use crutches sometimes I thought "How can I use the crutches but not have them get in my way when I am not using them?" The answer was foldable crutches. They are like heaven. They are much lighter then my old ones yet are sturdier. They fold down in 2 seconds. And I was even able to get padding for the cuff! If you use crutches these might be a great idea for you, especially if you travel a lot!