I had a profile on here since 2008 and for some reason could not find you guys, so I had to sign up again. I was diagnosed with a Brain Aneurysm. I had a craniotomy done Nov 2008.(Clipping)
I am also diabetic.
I started seeing double and blurry vision. One from the diabetes, the other was due to the fact because the ane sits on my main optic eye nerve. Over the past 2-3 years my vision got worse.
I am now legally blind.
I was diagnosed two months ago with Pseudotumor cerebri, High pressure from my LP and fluid in my brain and behind my eyes.Now the fluid has leaked into my ears and I am losing my hearing. I was told I would have to have two operations sept 22 and sept 29th.
I am having a optic nerve sheath fenestration done, and was told soon after I may have to get shunts.
For some strange feeling I feel as if this may be from a build up of pressure from when I had the brain surgery
in 2008. Has anyone else had this diagnosis after brain surgery? I am trying to find out if this is linked or not, and my gut is telling me it is.
Any info you have on this subject would be appreciated.
I need to know b4 my surgery thursday.
Thanks in advance,