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Thread: IVIG/SOLUMEDROL Infusions (New Topic)

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    I have never done IVIG but I have done alot of IVSM as the MS has affected my brain stem one of its side effects is elevated blood pressure and I mean elevated as high as 260/180 by the second or 3rd day it is down to 150/100 not great but not in the stroke zone either. My kidneys will just quit as well. I have tried just about everything under the sun and this seems like the only thing that works and of course I keep waiting for the IVSM side effects to catch up with me.

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    Default IVSM

    Gary, I cannot do the amount of Solumedrol (1,000) a day that is given over 3 days as I also have diabetes and have to be in the hospital so they can monitor my sugars and give me insulin. I just know the neuro told me he didn't want to give me the high dosage again.

    What I am getting with the IVIG is a small amount and primarily to counteract an allergic reaction to the IVIG.

    Sorry to hear about the BP. That is a very scary number. The highest mine has been was 210/110 and the doctor told me that was stroke level. I had a very bad headache and he would not let me leave until he got it down to normal with medication.

    That was a time when I was in denial and thought I could get away without any BP meds as I am a type B person. Strokes run in my maternal side of the family and a sudden heart attack killed my father. Take Care, Gabriella

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