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Thread: Negative CT Scan Can it be trusted?

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    Default Negative CT Scan Can it be trusted?

    One without dye that is. Can it be trusted to find unruptured aneurysms? I freaked out again sometime last week and went to the hospital. They wouldn't give me an MRI but they finally gave me a CT Scan (without dye). It was negative thank god, no blood. But then when I went on the internet to look up what the results meant (I asked for a disc of them so I could read them) it said ones without dye won't show unruptured aneurysms? Can this be trusted? Or could I maybe actually have one? I thought it'd give me reassurance....

    But now tonight after feeling a pop on the left front of my head and pressure I'm not too sure. And grandma won't take me to the hospital again! >.<

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    I beg to differ Infitima,

    That's how they found my unruptured Ane in the first place - during a CT scan of my thryoid - and they accidently left the scanner running and caught my brain.
    Bless the careless technician for that :o

    They were not using dye.

    I would call and ask to speak to your Dr. if you have these concerns - at the very least.

    Speak to someone who knows - nothing wrong infact smart to do your own research but you must research intensley to get more info - then speak to those
    who deal in scans and/or your Dr. about this and about the pops you are feeling.

    Best wishes
    Tropical Trish
    7mm Basilar Tip~Coiled & Stent Nov4/08 Watch List 2nd Ane
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