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    You know I'm looking for a job. I'm 53 but trying "Senior Job Bank for Seniors" online to look for jobs, because I am older & unskilled too (just 2 short jobs (but a couple long ones long ago). I'm looking at custumer sales. I see they want a person at Meijers (to I guess stroll the floors, answer questions like "Mam where are the ___", put things back on the proper shelf, etc.) But in the "skills needed" it also says' knowledge of computers & be comfortable using them'. I don't know anything about them (just internet & how to copy & paste (really!)) I don't even know What some of the words are/mean. What do you think they do on computers? Have any of you had this type of job?
    Lorraine (lor)

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    Lor, maybe they look up things to see if they are in stock. Or ringing up sales on the cash regisiter. I worked in sales a long time ago before computers. Sorry couldn't help you. :ambivalence:
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