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    ((((((HUGS TO ALL)))))) ~

    Do you remember how you felt the first time you posted on a BrainTalk forum? Were you nervous, anxious, hopeful, desperate, scared, needing understanding, support and advice?

    Whatever your feelings were at that moment, they are most likely mirrored in every new member, who posts here.

    When you were a new member at BT, other members must have responded to you, for you to continue in the BT community.

    I remember being warmly welcomed on the Child Neurology forum and quickly embraced into the family. And I had all of those feelings I described above, and more. But, those feelings dissipated as I realized that I was among kindred spirits.

    Here, at BT, I was with people who “get it,” who were living a life similar to mine, with the same kinds of issues and concerns. It was comforting and reassuring to know that I was not alone, and that others cared enough to help me.

    And while I don’t respond to every new member’s post, I try to respond to as many of them as I can, with at least a Welcome and a Hug. I often say, “I don’t know anything about your (insert issue here), but I hope someone who does will be along soon.”

    But, most often no one else does come along. And the new member doesn’t return or post again.

    What would happen if we all made an effort to welcome new members?

    No one would have zero replies to her/his post.

    No one would feel ignored or neglected.

    New members will return and reply and become part of the BT community, because people here showed that they cared. If only just to say, “Welcome to BrainTalk!”

    Of course, we all have our own overwhelming issues, but if we could just take a moment to help a new member with her/his overwhelming issue, then we’ll be giving back what we have received here.

    How You Can Help to Welcome New Members:

    Go to the Home page and check for new member posts, or posts with no replies.

    Go to New Posts and check for the same.

    Click on those posts, and just type: WELCOME!

    NOTE TO MIKE WEINS: Would it be possible for us to have some Welcome smilies/emoticons added to our list? An assortment of 3 or 4, perhaps?

    My hope is that we will all make an effort to welcome new members, because if we don’t, our community will not grow. And we all understand the deflating feeling of not receiving responses to our posts.

    I pledge to be more aware of new member posts, and to welcome those new members. I hope that you will join me in that pledge!

    Love & Light,


    ~ In Loving Memory of Our Dear Friend, Barb ~ Moose53 ~
    Mom to Jon, 49, (seizure disorder; Gtube; trache; colostomy; osteoporosis; hypothyroid; enlarged prostate; lymphedema, assorted mysteries) and Michael, 32, (intractable seizures; Gtube), who were born with an undiagnosed progressive neuromuscular disease and courageous spirits. Our Angel Michael received his wings in 2003 and now resides in Heaven. Our Angel Jon lives at home with me and Jim, the world's most wonderful Dad.

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