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Thread: Just diagnosed with Colloid Cyst

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    Default Just diagnosed with Colloid Cyst

    Can anyone tell me what I can expect now that I have been diagnosed with Colloid Cyst? My Neurosurgeon appointment isn't for several weeks yet.

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    Default Hi

    Hi cvanchina,

    Welcome to the site,sorry to hear about your diagnosis.

    Everybody here has a story to tell but remember hardly any of us are medically qualified so we tend to give you advice and information from our experience rather than our medical knowledge.

    Depending on the size, location and symptoms of your C.C. Your dr may prefer to monitor rather than operate.If the decision is to operate,generally its a long road to recovery.

    The important thing is that they know its there and and they can now deal with it as they deem fit.

    If you go into the search facility on this site or go into the archives you will find some of our group have written a "my story" of their experience.

    Any specific questions you have just post them and one of our colloid cyst family will try to answer them.

    There are some good people here who have lived the experience and may be able to answer any questions you have ,albeit from a lay perspective.

    Good luck
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    Colloid cyst removed from 3rd ventricle endoscopically oct 07 shunt inserted late oct 07.

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    Hello Bil!

    Thank you so much for your reply. I didn't even make it to my appointment. My symptoms became acute fairly quickly, and I was able to get in to see another surgeon who did surgery the very next day. I am home now, and recovering quietly. I would love to read the "my story" experiences, as I'm sure there is still lots more to learn.

    Thank you, again, for your reply

    God Bless You and take care
    cvanchina (Carol)

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