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Thread: Need advice on Post Spinal Tap CSF Leak..

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    Default Need advice on Post Spinal Tap CSF Leak..

    Hello. I am seeking advice. I had a spinal tap done 2 months ago. For the last 2 months I've had the following symptoms on a daily, or almost daily, basis: migraines, tinnitus (which I just learned the term for! I just know I want ear plugs!), light and sound sensitivity, facial numbness, head pressure, eye pressure, eye burning, nauseau, fatigue, hand/arm tremors, hand numbness, and I'm sure I'm forgetting a few other things..

    For the most part, if I get up and do just about anything, everything gets worse. The ear ringing is constant no matter what :/

    After hospital visits, multiple doctors, prescribed migraine medications, (nothing really helps for anything more than an hour or two, but I am adversely effected by the side effects, some more than others), and multiple tests, I was just told I have a CSF Leak from the spinal tap puncture wound. While this has completely halted my life due to my pain and symptoms.. I am uncertain about the blood patch procedure being suggested.

    Does anyone have any recommendations for the Baltimore,Md area?

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    Hi ReadytoGetBetter, and WELCOME!

    I'm sorry I can't answer your question but wonder if you're aware of this section of BrainTalk:

    You might get more replies if you post a thread there.
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