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    Exclamation Need advice ASAP

    It's been quite some time since I've been here. I had been doing really, really well! I'd lost 100lbs and finally living and enjoying life. I gave myself the gift of a breast lift and augmentation due to the weight loss. Third day of sitting upright I had right sided butt cramping down to calf. I thought that cleared up once I was able to lay in bed. Initially it was always my right side that was giving me trouble, but no back pain. Come to a few months later where I thought I could be battling piriformis syndrome as I was very tight (left being worse) and trying to stretch induced the sciatica I am now having but the left being worse than the right. Although they both are different in how they present so maybe they're the same? Lol anyway, Sunday I said the hell with it, I'm gonna live my life and get out of the house to the mall with hub and my DD. Two hours later I was in agony. My entire left foot and ankle were vibrating, possibly burning as I couldn't tell if my foot was cold or burning. The left side of my genitals were tingling except the urethral/clitorial (sp) it felt it was the entire thing. Now today I had PT, walk in not feeling great but left feeling good, sitting wasn't as uncomfortable on the way home, etc so cleaned a little and went for a casual walk around the block a few times. Come home and same thing happened. It's always intermittent and based on activity. I thought it was piriformis in the beginning because it seems to affect all toes, etc but my PT swears it's my back. I had an EMG done, but not to the specs my primary doc wanted it done, she wanted piriformis and other external hip rotator muscles also tested. I was told the EMG showed chronic S1 nerve damage (symptoms started 6 months ago) but they only tested my right side.

    Sorry for the long read....I had an MRI in June but my only complaint to my NS at the time was leg weakness (which went away when I stopped sitting) and he said the MRI showed no reason for my symptoms. The report just said assymetric bulge with fissure. Yet I can see from the films it looks the same as it did in 08 which said mild bulge with extrusion extending superiorly with mild to moderate canal stenosis. I already know when propped on my elbows or laying on stomach increases pain (which laying on stomach was initially what gave me relief and calmed down the nerve pain. I originally felt like I had knots from all my hip muscles tightening that were pushing on the nerve.)

    So the million dollar question is: can a "bulge", if that's what it truly is right now, cause severe sciatica just from chemical irritation to the nerve roots? And the primarily intermittent one sided genital tingling/vibration and sometimes mild vaginal pain be caused also my S1? I have no vaginal discomfort with penetration. This comes and goes but I always have some bilalateral sciatica to some extent. Could this be intermittent cauda equina?

    Im really frustrated because I have no place of comfort. I'm best on my feet but only for a short time. Same with laying. Sitting is always out of the question. Sex brings on severe sciatica after. I'm alone physically, emotionally, etc. my hub does his best but I need more comfort to get through this. I'm so tired of looking at the same 4 walls, seeing seasons come and go, etc.

    thanks for hanging in with the long post.

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    Hi - Pretty much the same thing going on. Went to see the doc that did the total replacement of my left knee. I too thought the problem was sciatica of the right leg but, after C.T., the doc said that I've got spinal stenosis with blown disks 4 and 5. When I get the pneumonia knocked out I'll make an appointment with the Pain Management doc and he'll shoot the nerve With Solumedrol at the hospital. Said it might not help after one application but two or three rounds is not unusual. Good luck to both of us.

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    Tina, sorry I just got back on this site and saw your post. I understand the feeling of seeing four walls while the seasons go by and it isn't something anyone wants to do in their life. There are several things that could be causing your symptoms and disk material leaking into the spinal canal is one possibility. If you have a great Spinal Orthopaedic Surgeon then you will need to do as many test as needed to find the source of your symptoms. It may take a while so be as patient as you can. I started in 1990 with my spinal adventure and it took 6 years before finding the real cause of my symptoms [they were the classical symptoms IE no leg pain]. That time included 3 years with a neurologist that did a spinal discectomy on me but that didn't help and he was at a loss for ideas and asked if I was willing to be referred to another doctor. Thankfully I found my OSS of my dreams and he took 3 years of testing to do the lumbar fusion that did solve my lumbar problems. I also used him when my thoracic spine went very bad.

    If you don't have a doctor you trust it is time to find one. Living like you are is no way to live nor is it a way for your husband of daughter to live. I am thankful my wife stayed with me when I went through my 90's of surgery prep, surgery, then recovery 3 times every three years. Our condition puts a lot of strain on our marriages and it takes a spouse that this very committed to help us through our struggles. I hope you find some answers soon and get on the road to recovery.
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