After years of Dr's telling me "change your diet" "don't eat dairy" "exercise more" etc...etc...etc... I Finally found a GI Dr who recognized I had in fact changed my diet in multiple ways for 6-8 weeks at a time in an attempt to find food triggers, I'd changed my sleep schedule, my eating schedule, etc...etc... And she finally diagnosed me with IBS, after all the other disorders were ruled out.

By the time I was diagnosed, I was so bad, a 10 minute drive to work would have me stopping twice to use bathrooms at the fast food restuarants, and if i wanted to go somewhere more than 20 minutes from home, I would be taking up to 15-20 immodium A DAY!

As you can guess, the form of IBS I had caused severe diarrhea.

My GI Dr told me that a large portion of your seratonin receptors, a neurotransmitter, are in your GI tract, and told me that research had shown for some people with the IBS symptoms I have, a low level SSRI (anti depressant) medication can help ease the symptoms.

I started on 25 mg of imiprimine a day and after two weeks went up to 50 mg. I took my dosage at night, but some people take their SSRIs in the morning as for some people it can keep you awake. I was amazed after less than a month on this medicine, I no longer needed immodium. I went from taking 15-20 pills a day, to taking one little green pill a night.

I'm able to take road trips, go out to eat, fly all around teh country, and not have to know where every public bathroom is wherever i go! Its been wonderful. I have been on this same dosage for 2 years now, and say I have a bad episode of diarrhea about once every 6-8 weeks, that lasts for a few hours tops and is usually directly related to eating certain types of food like mexican, or chineese.

While SSRI's may not work for everyone, and as my Dr told me, are not for people who are constipated from their IBS, but if you are like I was and virtually homebound due to diarrhea, and have even had some incredibly near misses where you did not make it to the bathroom on time.. I would totally recommend at least asking your GI doctor about this treatment.

I had tried everything I could think of, the yogurt, the probiotic over the counter pills, cutting out all dairy, then cutting out all meat, cutting out all of a certain type of food, even did gluten free for like 3 months... but nothing eased my symptoms. I even did a few months of drinking apple cider vinger mixed in water thinking my Ph levels were off....