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Thread: September Roll Call

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    I think that there are a lot more of us out there than people would like to believe. I'm going to look where s boulardii has been shown to help with c. diff, but if you have those studies handly, can you give me references? Thanks for the suggestions. I'm going to look into them. I have noticed a tiny difference with align or b infantis, shown to help with celiac disease and IBS. A noticed a larger difference with digestive enzymes. I think they allowed me to see what was ongoing gluten ingestion and what was diarrhea due to past damage that hadn't healed yet. It seems to take a lot longer to heal that I was thinking. I'm pretty sure I eliminated some thing that I didn't need to because of that. Now I just have to figure out which things.

    Nevermind about the references. I found one where it helps with celiac disease in mice:
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    Hi steph.

    I agree with you that there are probably those who are more sensitive than they realize. But having visited the dark side aka eaten gf garbage foods WITHOUT getting a reaction I understand the temptation. Lol.

    Some are probably getting reactions they don't recognize as reactions. Or if they recognize them they chose to ignore them. To each his own.

    I'm using digestive enzymes too. I couldn't eat real food without these. Glutenease / dpp-iv really seems to help with my gluten cc.

    So far I've had my best results from enzymedica brand. I found their spectrum about a year ago and asked a rep if they were sure that the xylanase was ok for people. They use it on livestock. Xylanase breaks up biofilms.

    Spectrum has dpp-iv too.

    Googling boulardii c diff will show the studies.

    Sorry I can't give links from my phone. I gave up my computer a couple of years ago. It was just too much hassle keeping up with updates and security.

    I'm currently getting allergic reactions to all probiotics so I'm not sure what to do.

    Tc ... marcia

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