Hello all
Glad i've found this forum. Here is the background of my story.

Few months ago i've started to have frequent episodes of headaches and lightheadness.
I made and apointment to my family doctor and explain that. I did some exams that came out normal. After that he send me to do a CT Scan.

The results came out and that's the part that scares me. Everything was normal, except for the last line : " mild cortical and sub cortical atrophy, with expressivity at convexity level".
I'm only 26 and i dont think it's normal at all having that with my age, i started to think in the possibility of having Alzheimer, demency, etc.

After knowing the results, i made an apointment with a Neurologist and i even ask him if that atrophy could be the cause of the headaches and lightheadness and he said no and send me to do an MRI. Now this is confusing, the results that came out from MRI shows that everything was normal and i didn't if i had something serious or not.

Made another apointment, but with another Neurologist in other city because the other one was in vacations.
I showed him both CT Scan and MRI, he said he didn't see nothing abnormal in it and even said that CT Scan result was exaggerated. He made me some basic motor coordination tests and tested my reflex, everything was fine.

For precaution, he ask me to do an electroencephalography. I did it and the results were normal. I have another apointment 8th Septembre

I still have constant episodes of headaches and lightheadness but what is really scaring me is that CT Scan results, even though he said that everything was normal ( just like MRI results ).

Thanks a lot
Best regards.