I have a condition called IIH Intracranial Hypertension, could not find a category for this so I am posting here.

I had a VP shunt put in on July 18th 2014.. not quite 3 weeks ago. It was placed in the right side of my brain. After the surgery I ended up with air in the brain and it cause me to lose some mobility on the left side. It has improved greatly and I can now walk with hardly a limp.. so that's wonderful!!

Last Thursday I started getting sharp pains in my right side, almost like the pain you feel if you run .. it wasn't constant t that point. I called my neurologist and he said it could be a pulled muscle or at my age it could be gall bladder. If it gets worse, go to the hospital. Two days ago, it got so bad that I couldn't take a deep breath without experiencing bad pain, I went to the hospital, they sent me home that night and told me to come in the morning for an ultrasound... Which I did. They did an ultrasound, took blood work, did a chest x-ray and a did a lung scan. They drugged me up for the pain, of course. All tests came back normal. They called a neurologist and asked if it could be caused by the shunt, the neurologist does not think so. They sent me home with the exact pain when I got there. They told me if it got worse, to go back to the hospital where I got the surgery done at. Woke up today, same pain, no better and extremely frustrated. I have no idea where to go from here. The only time the pain disappears is if I lay on my back, or my left side.

Any suggestions or course of actions I should take from here on? Because the only thing I want to do is sit and cry out of frustration.