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Thread: What are the little things that make you happy? *part three moved

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    I'm glad it's Sunday morning and I will soon be ready to go to church. A trip to church makes me happy.
    I BBQed yesterday and I have wonderful leftovers. Nice leftovers make me happy I'm in the stage of "learning" to BBQ and yesterday was a great success. If it eve stops raining I'll try again.

    Hearing that things are going well for Christie would make me very happy.

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    Jingle I am glad your BBQ turned out. I love BBQ, so do the dogs LOL. You are right I think my BBQ grill has one more year on it's legs then we may have to let it go but it is that time.

    I miss church but I can't get the awkward body contact at the beginning with the hugging and the music. If I am a few minutes late I can skip that part lol. I know that for some of those people that may be the only body contact they get and that is always a good healthy thing. I love it otherwise.

    Yesterday I was happy to be able to leave the feral Miss Louise's foster room door open so she can start to get use to the rest of the house and can come out if she likes.

    Weather was good. LOL, still thinking.

    Today I am grateful to be here.

    I am happy that I got up early enough to see the beautiful day this morning. Getting ready to thunderstorm now.

    I am grateful for thunderstorms, I love them.

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