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Thread: High blood pressure and withdrawel

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    Default High blood pressure and withdrawel

    Hi everyone - was wondering if 178/90 is High? i was at my Psyc's office and was in severe pain, am having headaches and wonder if all this is normal. I was cut from 180ER. and 45 IR to 90ER. I am now at 90 ER. and 21mg. IR. Had a heck of a time - no fun. Still in severe pain and the VA does not give a (bad word)

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    Hi Alex, yes that is high. Do you take anything for B/P ? And remember that there are a number of them must be slowly discontinued. Plus pain in my case it runs it through the roof. And I take 6different meds jut for blood pressure.

    Take care.

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    Alex, it is high but the number they really look at is the 90 and that isn't so bad. My Bp jumps way up when my pain increases so I bet your BP is more a reflection of your pain than any heart problem. I hope you are able to get some help with the pain as it does cause many problems and shouldn't be ignored despite what some doctors think.
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    That is high but not EXTREME high... hypertensive crisis ( Extreme high blood pressure) is not uncommon with a person in withdrawal... elevated pain can cause elevated blood pressure.. IMO.. if pressure gets above 200/100 the pt is at extreme risk of stroke and/or death...
    Pharmacist Steve

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