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Thread: New visitor who just had brain surgery

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    Default New visitor who just had brain surgery

    Hi - I am new to this forum and not clear as to where I would post my questions. I just surgery (Aug. 9) to remove a cerebral meningioma, followed by another surgery because I lost sight in one of my eyes from the first surgery. I have some questions on recovery. Can you direct me to the right place to post these where others with knowledge or similar experiences might respond?

    Thanks so much,

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    "General Neurology and Rare Disorders" should be a good place. This topic can be accessed from the main index, about two thirds of the way down.

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    Welcome Chickpea! Hope you find a niche for yourself. I pop all over the place but hang in Emotional Support. Everybody here is great.

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    Yes chickpea, welcome, I am sure you will find much support and someone you has experienced what you have, I jump around myself although I am in the aneurysm forum most of the time. Good luck with you recovery and I hope you feel
    Comfortable on here, this group of people really want to help each other through what ever they are struggling with,
    There is someone on here that will reach out to you. GING :)

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    Post Try the new Brain Cancer forum . . .

    You might try the Brain Cancer forum; there does not appear to be a forum for tumors but a forum for "Brain Cancer and Tumors" existed in the immediately preceding edition of BrainTalk, which is readable from the archives:

    There is a few hundred posts there.

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