Hi,a member of my family had an ischemic stroke due to atherosclerosis.The very first sign it was that she became unable to speak almost any understandable word(and write.I tested that immediately).The following day (in the hospital) fundamentally the same (wrote 2 or 3 letters/numbers in a paper),but was relatively fine with both legs and arms(left and right).Within the critical 72 hours the situation got worse and she became unable to move right leg and arm.Now she moves well all the left side(leg and arm) almost nothing the right side,she is still unable to speak/write coherent words.My question is: Is the brain side in charge of controling the right leg/arm movement that same that controls output communication(speak-write) ?Her left side is fine,is that the same brain side that controls the information that she receives as input?Does that mean that her understanding of information she receives as input (talked and written) is still intact(it seems so but I am not completely sure)?