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Thread: Vitamin B6 & epilepsy information

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    Default Vitamin B6 & epilepsy information

    Hi I have heard that you can take vitamin B6 to help with epilepsy .

    Does anyone know how much & how often.

    B6 also keeps me awake at night - is there anything you can do to stop that ?.

    Is there any good websites on the internet that have detailed & good information on B6,


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    I don't have epilepsy but I take B6 and B12. When you are kept awake or it makes you hyper I think that means you need a lower dose. I also think it is better to take it with food way before(hours before)you go to bed. I'm not an expert. This is just my experience. Good luck. B6 is good for brain cells.
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    ((((((SCOBAHCAN)))))) ~

    Welcome to BrainTalk!

    There is a genetic Vitamin B6 deficiency form of epilepsy, which generally begins at birth.

    Perhaps this is the connection in what you've heard about B6 and epilepsy.

    I recommend that you consult with your neurologist before taking any supplements. You might ask for a blood test to determine your levels of assorted vitamins, including B6, B12, Vitamin D, as well as folic acid, and your sodium, calcium, and other mineral levels. Some vitamins can be toxic, if taken in excess. Some anti-epilepsy drugs (AEDs) can cause a depletion in certain vitamin and mineral levels.

    I also suggest selecting vitamin and mineral supplements carefully, with an effort to get the purest form you can with the least amount of added ingredients.

    Here's some information on B vitamins and sleep:

    Looking forward to getting to know you.

    Love & Light,

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    Welcome to the forum! I've been taking vitamin B12 1000 mcg. once a day for yrs. and it has done a great job reducing my seizures. I have been told that kids
    should take 500 mcg. once day. Here's wishing you well and May God Bless You!


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