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Thread: Anyone who suffers with spasticity?

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    Question Anyone who suffers with spasticity?

    Hey Everyone

    Just wondered if anyone on the board suffers badly with spasticity, I myself have spastic paraparesis which lately have been getting worse, legs been giving way on me a lot. Also in the evenings I am having difficulty in finding an uncomfortable position to sit in due to the stiffness and weakness, finding that lying down helps. Am thinking of buying myself a footstool or something so I will be able to raise them but most of th ones i've seen aren't that high, so I was then thinking about maybe a reclining chair would be better for me??

    If anyone does suffer with spasticity, has anything like a footstool or reclining chair helped ease the stiffness when sitting down for long periods of time

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    I don't have spastic paraparesis but did wind up buying a lazy boy to keep my legs up and the swelling down. Also the back pain upper and lower.

    I have heard wonderful things about zero gravity chairs also.

    I am sure somebody will come along who knows more than me.

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    I have spasticity but mildly compared to what you have(I have spastic diplegia CP) I use a little wheelchair to save energy when need be. Maybe ask your PT and/or doctor if there is anything you can do while sitting to improve your lower body alignment. Good alignment helps with my spasticity.

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