Monday, June 16, 2014

Preclinical Detection of Variant CJD and BSE Prions in Blood

Greetings Honorable Rep. Rosa DeLauro Maíam (D-CT) et al,

I wish to give you the information you requested above, but I will tell you now, nothing, NOTHING will happen. but thanks for trying anyway.

fact is, BSE cases in Europe of the past years have dropped dramatically due to feed ban that was enforced, and extensive BSE testing, in large numbers. just the opposite has happened in the USA. itís all been documented. there is ample evidence that there is as much of a chance (if not more), that this victim contracted human mad cow disease from sources right here in the USA. this PR push to alienate a USA source factor for human BSE in the USA is a PR stunt by the USDA inc., and not justified now, in my opinion. compare BSE testing figures in the EU compared to the USA, compare mad cow feed ban breaches, and you will see. hell, the 2004 enhanced BSE surveillance program was flawed so bad, the top Prion God at the NIH TSE prion expert Paul Brown, says he does not trust anything from the USDA since Texas covered up a mad cow for 7 months, on a 48 hour confirmation turn around. itís all documented below in link. USDA inc shut down the mad cow testing after so many atypical BSE cases started showing up.

yes, another foreigner comes to the USA, or another USA citizens does some traveling, and all of a sudden, itís a foreign disease. evidently, these folks never eat anything in the USA, and contracts nvcjd. right. just like the last one in 2005. really? here are the facts of the TEXAS MAD COW, MAD COW FEED in Texas, CJD CLUSTER in Texas, CJD CASE IN 38 YEAR OLD WOMAN THAT APPARENTLY WORKED ON THE SLAUGHTER LINE FOR TYSON in Texas, AND OTHER STRANGE TSE PRION DISEASE IN VERY YOUNG VICTIMS HERE IN TEXAS with long duration of illness from onset of clinical symptoms to death, CALLED SPORADIC FFI (except it is not linked to any genetic make up of that family), another nvcjd victim back in 2005 in Texas, apparently another UK victim that had moved to Texas, and never ate anything. these are the facts as I have come to know them (official documents), since hvcjd took my mom in December of 1997. just made a promise to mom, never forget, and never let them forget, the rest of the story, the truth you donít hear about. ...our fine federal friends and the USDA inc, has lied to all of us...


Monday, June 02, 2014

*** Confirmed Human BSE aka mad cow Variant CJD vCJD or nvCJD Case in Texas

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) Calls for Briefing on Beef Recalled for Mad Cow Potential Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-CT)