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    My daughter has been referred to neurology for tremors. She has been doing this lately. I thought she was just excited at first, but she kept doing it. It affects her left hand more and seems to happen when she reaches. here is a link to the video

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    hi !

    i'm glad you found braintalk!

    a neurologist is certainly the right person to see for hand tremors. my daughter was diagnosed with essential tremor when she was around 7. she might have had it earlier because her dad also has essential tremor, but i didn't see it before then.

    i took her to her pediatrician and when he was examining her, her hand was visibly trembling. when the doctor stopped examining her and we talked, not paying attention to my daughter, the tremor stopped.

    i read this on a website:
    Essential tremor (ET) is often thought of as an adult onset condition. However, it can start in early childhood affecting about 5% of children, predominantly involving the hands and there is often a family history of tremor. There are two kinds of hand tremor which are: Kinetic tremor only (i.e. tremor present only when the hands are moving) and Postural tremor only (i.e. tremor is visible when the hands are held outstretched) with some children experiencing both. The hand tremor leads to difficulty with: (
    it went on to mention problems that children might have using various objects they would normally use during the day. i think if your child does have essential tremor, then drawing attention to it will only make her tremor more noticeable or more frequent. that was what was happening to my daughter. we didn't pay attention to it at home, but the kids in school did. we talked to her about it, told her what it was, she understood and was fine. she adjusted to the tremor and never had probs eating or holding cups. she went on to art school and is a talented artist in painting, drawing and sculpture. when her friends point out her tremor, she just tells them if they look at her, she'll keep trembling, but if they ignore the tremor, she won't tremble. so they don't stare at it anymore.

    i know it's scary to see something like that happening and think the worst. seeing the neuro and finding out what it is will let you know what you are dealing with. i hope it is nothing more serious than an essential tremor.

    please let us know what your dr.'s diagnosis of your daughter is. i care and i'm sure other's here do also. there is a great "Child Neurology" forum here where you can post your concerns should your doctor have a different diagnosis. we are here to help and support you.

    welcome ,
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    ((((((kjrowland)))))) ~

    Welcome to BrainTalk!

    Emma is absolutely adorable!

    As Jeannie said, a neurologist is the best specialist for consultation on hand tremors. The neurologist might order tests to rule in or out any potential causes for the tremors.

    Please join us and post on the Child Neurology forum ~

    We will support you, help you to understand terminology, tests, medications, etc. I know that you must be nervous, anxious, maybe a bit frightened. We understand all of that too.

    Blessings to you and your darling daughter.

    Love & Light,

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    Tremor is the most common of involuntary movements and can affect the hands, arms, eyes, faces , head, vocal folds, trunk and legs. Most tremors occurs in hands. In some people , tremor is a symptom of another neurological disorder.

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