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    Angry Loss of consciousness

    My sister is experiencing episodes of sudden extreme sharp pain starting in the back of the neck and quickly shooting to the rest of the head, and within 5-10 minutes will lose all consciousness, completely unresponsive for several hours. During these several hours, a lot of twitching takes place mostly with the hands and feet but also the rest of the body as well. After 2-3 hours of this, she then slowly starts to wake up (takes about 20 minutes) and then she is back to normal. She has had the following tests done:.

    MRI - Normal
    CT Scan - Normal
    CT Scan with contrast - Normal
    Spinal Tap - Normal
    EKG - Normal
    EEG (twice) - Normal
    Video EEG for 24 hours during which an episode occurred - Normal - no signs of epilepsy or seizures
    Ultra Sound - Normal
    X-Rays - Normal
    Blood Tests - Normal
    Blood Clots - Normal
    EMG - Slight inflammation of the peripheral nerve in both palms

    No diagnosis has been given to this date. It has been going on for 8 weeks with no answers. Episodes occur at least every other day, and at times back to back days. No trigger can be identified. She has extreme sharp pain in both arms and both upper portions of her legs. She gets tired really quick. Lack of energy and extreme fatigue.
    We are extremely frustrated as we have not been able to get any answers and been knocking on doors of at least over 12 neurologists, and still no diagnosis. Unable to stop the episodes. Has anyone heard of such a thing or at least can lead us into the right direction. We keep hitting road blocks and confused on which direction to go. We have been back and forth to UCLA where a panel of 5 neurologists rear her 24 hour video EEG during which the episode occurred and they keep telling us that the cause of her situation is stress. It seems like whenever a situation is not understood, they blame it on stress. I don't buy it, seeking help.

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    I know that loss of consciousness is present during the disease of barin. Due to any types of brain haemorrhage, his can be occurred. Huntington's disease may cause at this case or any others. Don; be worried.

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