I had an epidural which turned into a wet tap they call it and it ended up being a spinal. I was paralyzed from my chest down then when it wore off I felt great had my daughter naturally bc it wore off. It was a messed up epidural. I have the medical records if anyone can read it or knows of anyone that can read it. I immediately got a headache right after having my daughter. They did a blood patch that night within 12 hours of having her. It was with 20 cc of blood. It worked for a day or so then the headache came back with vengious. I didn't rest much after the blood patch. The second one didn't work it was with 16 cc of blood. I rested for 2 hours I knew it didn't work the first one I knew it worked atleast for a short time.

I had a blood clot or so they thought and was on steroids which helped the headache. about a month off of those I got on topomax bc the headaches came back Got off that bc it made my back hurt worse. The nortriptyline is the only thing that has really helped. Im on 25 mg of that at bedtime, and only tea during the day . My shoulders and neck and head hurt but all a sore dull ache on the medicine. I take med for pain when I get headache and baby aspirin. They cant find leak on mri I haven't had a ct or mri of spinal with contrast. What else can be done.