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Thread: Still leaking and a quick question about eyes

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    Default Still leaking and a quick question about eyes

    Hi peeps ,
    Found you at last
    Am still leaking and after the horrid letter from my ENT consultant, have jusr received a letter from my neuro asking if I had hd last Ent surgery and how I am feeling
    Honestly, why cant the hospital tie my notes together, both these consultants work in he same hospital
    Anyway neuro guy is lovley although despite leaving several messges have not been able to get his secretary to call me back as he has requested

    I was just curious to know if anyone else suffers from styes and if it is something I houd mention
    I have had several painful styes in my right eye over the last few years but now am getting on every couple of weeks
    Always in my right eye, I have experienced various types of pain in this eye,my left eye is where I feel the headache from the leak, the right eye is different
    I know that there is damage to my optic nerve on my right eye,from my original tumour,
    Just wondering and this may be crazy, but can csf leak out of your eye and is this infection a sign

    Trouble with leaking you get paranoid about anything else thinking its related


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    It is likely that you would never get a definitive correlation between your recurring stye infections and a leak. It is doubtful that one is causing the other. HOWEVER, a stye is a bacterial infection (usually self-limiting and benign - of little or no consequence) and IF you have a confirmed cranial leak, it's wise to inform (all) your doctor(s)!!!

    Yes, leaking does tend to make one paranoid and yes, it's easy to draw conclusions quickly between unrelated circumstances/symptoms; BUT any type of infection, especially one near the source of a leak is cause for concern as it increases ones risk for developing meningitis.

    Best of luck Sam!

    Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere

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    Thanks Laura,

    Have been to GP this morning, antibiotics and strict instructions to get back if eye swells or infection spreads.some concern about it going behind my eye
    So i have my meds and my teabags(these work well as a hot compress)

    Weird how we panic about things

    Sam x

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