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Thread: May Roll Call

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    Cool May Roll Call

    Hi. Is anyone still here?? How're we doing? Gardens going in? Kids all right at school/work/ etc.??

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    I'm here. Gardens are going in, but FedEx delivered my strawberry plants to the wrong house. They are trying to track them down. My sons applied to do the high school equivalency test and college. We've started taking digestive enzymes with great results. I wish I'd tried them years ago. I've actually gained some weight, which I needed. We aren't moving anymore, which I don't mind because I kind of wanted to stay here. The reason isn't so good though, my husband thinks he is going to lose his job soon. He's back to looking for a new one.

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    I check in occasionally. Have been very busy this past month.

    Steph good to read that the digestive enzymes are working. Bummer about Fed Ex delivering to the wrong address. I added some betaine to my long list of supplements and it seems to be helping. Sorry to hear that your husband might lose his job.
    The snow finally melted and we do have green grass now, but the temps could be warmer.

    Hope that May will bring warmer weather.


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    I rarely check in here. More activity on Facebook. I like Dr. Ford's group Gluten Free Planet.

    All is well and soon to travel to WI to see my grandkids. At least it will be warmer. When I visited in Dec it was -13F.

    Stephanie, hope your husband's job problems resolve in a positive way.


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