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Thread: Trying to find out what happen.

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    Default Trying to find out what happen.

    Hello Everyone, I started off having pain in my legs and feet. Then I was diagnose with a chiari malformation type 1 because I was experiencing headache, had a mri done which the surgeon said was not nothing to worry about 4 months later I was having surgery. The day after the surgery he came to see me I told him I felt a lot of pressure. I was sent home and during recovery I notice a pocket of csf which it took awhile to go away. About a week after that I started getting dizzy spells and then blackout spells which I had 4 of them. They never told me about a posterior fossa arachnoid cyst. But after the 4th blackout I started getting tremors. The pain in my legs and feet never went away. No one in my family ever had tremors or a chiari malformation. What could of happen. The tremors still have not stop even with a deep brain stimulator. Please help.

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