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Thread: that OT?

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    Default that OT?

    I live with my 2 cats, and spend most of my time watching....sometimes even paying attention, to TV. And on the computer. Everything (electronics) is in here. It's very comfortable for me....and the cats.

    So without being too personal, how is you daily life?

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    Except for the cats, we seem to live the same boring life, Howie.
    Love, Sally

    "The best way out is always through". Robert Frost

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    staying out of trouble,,that word is
    " Don't outsmart your common sense"


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    I spend a lot of time at the computer but most of every day gets taken up with little jobs I have to do--housework, laundry, food, mending, keeping track of papers, keeping stocked up on food and supplies, setting up rides and going to appointments--oh, and exercising for half an hour.

    I get up every day at around 7, take a nap in the mid afternoon for about an hour and am asleep by about 11:30. I spend my days doing these assorted jobs, keeping up with some correspondence too and tending to a few plants. Evenings I'm more apt to watch a movie on DVD.

    The only TV I watch is the news for about an hour.

    It probably seems dull to most people but I do better with a routine.
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    Like Agate I do my own cleaning, laundry, cooking, etc.

    However, unlike her I do not get up early. I do try to exercise twice a day for about 30 minutes. I watch some TV, mostly if there are movies I can record and watch at night I do that. Not a fan of daytime TV. There are a few other programs I watch during the week, but not many.

    I read quite a lot.

    Otherwise I am frequently lonely and bored. I was much too active to become satisfied, though I am trying to do so.

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    Thanks everyone so far. It seems a key to most everyone's day, is a "routine" you follow. Each day starts the same. I get up, start coffee, do cat chores. Pour my coffee, and come back here (bedroom) get online, take my pills, and then the day starts.

    The important thing with that is it makes me remember to take my meds. I had a hard time remembering, and making it part of my routine works well.

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    I'm sleeping too much and not taking good care of myself.
    Eat, sleep, laundry, clean (sort of), work occasionally.
    Doctor appts and deal with med paperwork BS.

    Have an application in for community garden again.
    Possible trips to Fl, VA, NYC and France in the next ten months.
    Dream and plan, regardless of outcome, is fun.

    Below zero nights and 21 f. daytimes cramp my social style big time.
    I am glad for phone chat and am amazed that I can still converse.

    Phutz around too much to even watch a DVD.
    Public radio is a good friend.

    Howie, this is both a very funny AND enlightening post.
    Life is always On Topic.
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