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Thread: Abstract of study on low dose naltrexone

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    Sounds like a difficult few years that had at least one bright spot in them. Good to see you again.

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    NiCe to hear from you Larry. Living in Florida is sure different than living in New York.
    How are you with the humidity down there? How is your Dad and Kids. They must be
    grown by now!!
    Love, Sally

    "The best way out is always through". Robert Frost

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    Unhappy didn't help me

    I'm happy for all of you that LDN helped, but it didn't do anything for me. Except keep me awake at night. Started at 1.5 and increased to 4.5 in 4 months time. I really hoped it would help.

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    Welcome back, Robwill, and thanks for sharing your LDN experience.

    I notice in your earlier post that you took Copaxone for 11 years. You're clearly very determined to do whatever you can to fight MS off.

    If you don't mind a question, are you taking any MS drugs at this point?
    MS diagnosed 1980. Avonex 2002-2005. Copaxone 6/07 - 5/10.
    Member of this MS board since 2001.

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    Looks like this is my only post here, 3+ years ago... nice to see this forum still here. I'm still around, mostly twitter related... plus I bought an RV 12/13 & have been traveling around the country ALONE... Me, My MS, My LDN & My RV. Still taking LDN 3MG every day.

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