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    I recently had to start going to a campus for something(can't go into detail why for privacy reasons). The campus is large and spread out. The kind of environment where I need a scooter to get around. I do not have a scooter yet but am in the process of trying to find a suitable one which is small enough to fit in the car. We have to make special parking accommodations now and I have to have a special seating arrangement so my alignment doesn't go completely out of whack. A little advice to spastic CP people out there: Sitting in a metal chair for 3 hours makes spasticity go through the roof and once you stand up the high spasticity can lead to some really embarrassing falls. :P I have very mild Cerebral Palsy so we are used to just toughing things out(I'v been making do with crutches) but we learned that if I need an accommodation I should take it despite my pride or anything else. Don't use your disability as an excuse but don't deny yourself accommodations if you need them. They exist for a reason. I also think campuses and other public places need to do a better job following the ADA after this experience. Even if I had a scooter the heavy snow here would make it impossible to use and there were way too many steps. This can really apply to anyone with a physical or mental disability but I thought I should post it here since it is related to my specific experience with spastic diplegia and I wanted to make things more active here.
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