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    Question Clipping: Recovery Advice

    Hi All,
    Two weeks from today I go in to have my other 4mm aneurysm clipped. It's an odd, rectangular shape, so coiling wasn't the most durable option in my case. I've had two other coilings, so I'm an old hand at that! :-)

    The Dr. has already discussed where the incision on my skull will be made and that I'd only be having a 2-3" circular area shaved and opened up, but beyond that, I'm not sure what I should be doing to alleviate discomfort around the incision area.

    I've read some people complain about itching. What is a good, non-drying treatment for itching. And is the itching only due to the shaved hair, or is it normal for healing?

    My hair is already cut around chin-length, so I won't have oodles of hair around the incision to deal with, but how soon after a clipping procedure can you safely wash your hair?

    Which pain meds were most successful for assisting with pain? I usually only take Tylenol or Excedrin. I find vicadin makes me too constipated so i don't like to take that unless it's absolutely necessary.

    I'm sure I'll have many more questions in the coming weeks!

    Thanks in advance.
    Ruptured 11mm annie on 10/5/06. Left internal carotid artery. Coiled at Maine Med. Portland, ME. 16 coils. Coils compacting Dec. 2010. Stent implanted 3/16/2011 and 4 more new coils added 4/27/2011 by Dr. Ecker. Another 4mm annie discovered Dec. 2010. Older sister died from rupture 5/29/12. Smaller annie grew & was clipped in Jan. 2014. Orig. annie getting new remnant. Possible flow diversion needed now. Check out my Brain Blog: Brain Blog

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    Oh Heidi - my good thoughts will be with you!

    I'm a coiled kinda girl so can't offer much advice.

    It will be interesting to see what folks who have been thru the same procedure do use for itching!

    On a regular basis because my skin always seems so dry - I slather on Coconut Oil head to toe in the shower each day - well.....after my shower and while I am still
    soaking wet.

    There are many articles on how healthy coconut oil is for your skin and why to eat lots too. I love this oil so much for it's preventative properties as well as how it stops itching.

    However - I am hoping your Surgeon will know what to use.

    Sure will be thinking and sending you GREAT thoughts that day Heidi.

    My Best
    Tropical Trish
    7mm Basilar Tip~Coiled & Stent Nov4/08 Watch List 2nd Ane
    One of the great labor-saving devices of today is tomorrow!

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    Thinking of you Heidi!

    Sending you lots of good thoughts for your procedure and to your surgeon as well.

    I pray for a quick recovery for you.

    Big Hugs to you
    Tropical Trish
    7mm Basilar Tip~Coiled & Stent Nov4/08 Watch List 2nd Ane
    One of the great labor-saving devices of today is tomorrow!

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    Hi Heidi

    I had my clipping in 2012. One I was more healed I used Emu oil. It helped but didn't take all away. Now over a year later it is still itchy (not as much as it used to be) and still has a slightly numb spot.


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