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Thread: Grant's Activity Plan for the day centre.

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    Cool Grant's Activity Plan for the day centre.

    G'day neuro buddies, Grant fans, oldies and youngies :)

    The Day Centre has worked out an Activity Plan for when Grant is there.

    We want to get Grant back to the day centre two half days a week as soon as possible = Tuesday and Thursday from 11.15 to

    Grant has not been there all year (Day centre starts in February). One reason is because Grant was so unwell up until about April. The other reason was that the day centre staff had to be trained to do suctioning. I understand that Grant is the only client in state who needs suctioning at these centres!

    As you know a carer will go with Grant so that Grant will get one on one input, otherwise he would go to the day centre.

    Here is the plan that one of the staff at the day centre has worked out.

    What do you reckon?

    Lights = 5 mins

    Grant reclined under fairy lights in room 4 looking up at lights
    Assist Grant to explore blue fairy rope lights
    Assist Grant to explore optic fibre cables
    Assist Grant to explore Disc lights

    Sound Beam = 15 mins

    Grant explores the sound beam with speakers behind his head, try different sound types
    Grant is assisted and encouraged to move his head, arms, hands & legs to trigger the music

    Hammock Swing = 15 mins

    Grant swings back and forth
    Grant swings around clockwise starting slowing then getting quicker
    Grant swings around anti-clockwise starting slowing then getting quicker

    Touch = 10 mins

    Grant explores different textures on his:

    1. Face
    2. Hands
    3. Upper and lower arms
    4. feet and legs

    Textures Include:

    1. Soft (felt feathery wool)
    2. Rough (nailbrush)
    3. Wool
    4. Vibration
    5. Sponge

    Switch Vibration on feet = 5 mins

    Massage = 15 mins

    Arms & hands
    Feet & legs

    Smell = 5 mins

    Smelling different Essential Oils

    I will let you know what I reckon after you have let me know what you reckon, so there

    Seeya here soon with your reckoning caps on :)

    Paul, Alison and Grant the champ
    Grant's story in pictures and music. A must see :)
    Seeya there :)

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    Paul ~

    Has Grant experienced these same activities at the Day Centre in his previous attendance? If so, does he respond well to these activities?

    My initial, gut reaction (being completely honest here ...) when reading the descriptions of the activities was: potential seizure trigger. Most, if not all, of these activities could promote a seizure in persons, who are susceptible to those triggers. If this doesn't apply to Grant, then I think that they are fine to stimulate Grant's senses.

    For example, Jon loves to watch Pink Floyd concert DVDs with the lights low or off, so he can enjoy the laser light show. No problem so far for Jon. Michael could not watch these concert DVDs, because the light show prompted a seizure.

    I would be careful with the essential oils, however. Some are known to aggravate seizure activity, such as eucalyptus (which I used for my boys' Gtube sites without a problem) and sage. And allergic reaction to certain fragrances might be unknown until they are tried. Do you know whether Grant has a fragrance sensitivity? Some fragrances give me a headache, and that's not uncommon for the general population.

    Another thought about the massage ~ they might want to avoid massaging Grant's leg near his owie.

    Who will be training the Day Care Centre staff in suctioning? Will you be able to offer training, advice, and tips to the staff?

    How so like Grant to be the only person in the state to need suctioning! :) Our Grant is definitely wonderfully unique and special! Grant is a Teacher, that is for sure. Everyone learns from Grant. And his terrific parents!

    I reckon those are all of my reckonings as an overprotective Mama!


    Love & Light,


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    That was my first thought seizure triggers... I'm not sure what Grant is used to throughout the day but I also said to myself ( I often talk to myself) is that it? Just some sensory integration? or is there another plan for other therapies or activities?
    Mary Grace

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