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Thread: What's Happenin' (Part 2)

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    Yes ready for this bizarre winter to be over with but for me February is an anxious time because when it gets near the end I get that spring feeling in my gut. I know the dogs are ready for it to be over. These days the only time I get any fresh air is when I take my foster dog out. There is no heat in my car so that is always interesting when I have to go out. Waiting on one of our next few winter storms this evening.

    Brandon has been staying over. He is single now and normally stays with a room mate but seems the roommate is back with his ex which is awkward for all. He finally got a good job working in a factory learning different things, he is loving it. He has never really had a steady nine to five job. All were part time mostly food service places. He gets home all grimy and greasy dead tired and happy as a clam. Working on a new girlfriend, a girl he has known since he was a tween. We see hide nor hair of the ex or the children. Wonder if we ever will. Wonder if the oldest will try to make contact when she is older. Who knows. It makes me very sad to know that the GF was such a fake and caused so many problems between me and Brandon and Brandon and his grandmother though she is a bitch in he own right lol.

    Hugely stressed out by my financial situation. Thinking I am going to have to move into an apartment or something. Give up a lot of my family's heirlooms.

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    Christina, I hope you don't have to give up your family heirlooms. It's hard to only live on disability. I don't know how people do it. I know that I wouldn't beable to live off of it. I'm lucky that I have a husband.

    My DH is retiring early this December and I'm scared about survival. He says he has it all worked out and I guess I'm going to have to believe that he has this. I'm the one that does the monthly bills and he does the investments. Our financial guy says we are good to go. I will have to go on Medicare and DH will have to go on the state insurance. His job doesn't offer retirees health insurance. So that's another monthly expense that we will have to pay and health insurance is expensive.

    My granddaughter has diabetes and she is only 3 1/2 years old. I will have to learn how to give her shots because I'm the babysitter for them when they go out. Her mom is going to have another baby in July that will be three under four years old. I will be taking care of the two when she is in the hospital. They wear me out. By the time they leave I'm ready for bed. So much energy.

    I do stop by and read the messages it's just that I don't have much to say.
    Take care,

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    So glad to read about u all. I will just say my health is bad & been call severe by more than 1 doc & in more than 1 state. But hey I am hopeful cause I know hot weather will arrive someday. I am thankful that I have phone that guesses what I am try to spell. Unfortunately it is small & eyes are blurry. Forgot the part about nerves after surgery. But I am use to doing things slow & sometimes napping inbetween. See still me. Always gripping!! LOL. Each of u hold a special place in my heart & I hope u all can hang on there & have some relief from ur difficulties & pain sometimes. Be slow but very careful.

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