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Thread: What's Happenin' (Part 2)

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    No dear jingle, I am the one older than dirt, eh? Thank you everybody for the warm welcomes back. I have missed everybody and hope to be able to come around more often. I do love you dear friends. take care all you dear friends, Jo6
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    for my brother Ben

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    Hi everybody :) -- Here it's a chilly day and I've already turned on my AC so I'm not about to turn on heat again.
    This morning I'm off to the pain management clinic to see if I can please, please, please get another shot in my back.
    Wish me luck.

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    hey everybody !

    jingle, i hope you got your shot yesterday and are pain free today!

    i have been so busy just doing stuff. i have been outside in my garden every day that it's sunny and over 50 degrees. the dogs want to be outside with me, but i am concerned about them when it's cooler because they are older dogs. nora wears a sweater inside and outside the house unless it's over 70 degrees, as it was the other day. we spent about 4 hours out in the afternoon, the warmest part of the day. i took off nora's sweater. she hates i promised her i'd put it back on before she went to bed . nora had surgery for a growth on the inside of her hanging lip. i'll find out tomorrow what the biopsy says it is. she had surgery there around the middle of february, but the tumor grew back right away. the vet cut out more skin this time, "bigger margins" he said. he hopes that if it is cancerous that he cut enough skin so there are no more cancerous cells in the margins. that would be a cure. he says he could do a more extensive surgery if there were cancerous cells in the margins because nora has those hanging lips; a lot of excess skin. i hope that isn't necessary. i am worried.

    i think i have mentioned that two sundays a month, i volunteer to serve food to the poor and the forgotten worker in a park that is in downtown detroit. we can see the new red wings stadium being built, a lot of these people live in the area. some of them have had to move out of their low income rented apartments because developers are buying up property all over. there is a man that takes pictures every week. what i didn't know is that he also takes short videos. i found some on you tube and i am going to post one here. this was taken on palm sunday, the last time we served food. it was a very nice day and there was a long line of people. there is always more people when it's warm, although we serve year round, rain or snow. here is the video:

    i hope everybody else is doing good!

    julia! it was so good to see you check in. please answer my email when you feel up to it!

    thank you for sharing and caring,
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    Here's to good women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.
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    listening to alex jones
    the yogurt guy in Idaho is suing him
    "'I have done my best.' That is about all the philosophy of living one needs." Lin Yutang

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