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Thread: What's Happenin' (Part 2)

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    i guess in portland they try to stop cars then chase them

    people used to protest wall st-they gave up , they protest "the little guy"a drinking conversation club
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    "Here's an unpopular opinion: I'm actually not at all concerned about innocent men losing their jobs over false sexual assault/harassment allegations. Sorry. If some innocent men's reputations have to take a hit in the process of undoing the patriarchy, that is a price I am absolutely willing to pay." Teen Vogue writer Emily Lindin

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    hey all ,

    i think there are still groups protesting on wall street, clouds. you just don't see the news covering them. i hope you're feeling better, although i know michigan is going to get hit with a cold front tomorrow, i don't know the weather in your neck of thewoods.

    so yesterday, i dug up 2 rose bushes to move them. they were both about 3ft. high by 3 ft. wide. they are not carpet roses, which huig the ground more and are only about a foot high, but they are called dwarf roses. because they were so close together, i kind of dug around both of them so i could separate roots. of course, i know i'm going to lose some roots, but that's ok. i put the rose bushes to the side after digging them out. then i got my tiller and made a trench even with the first rose i moved a few weeks ago. i want then to go in a straight line from beside the arbor into the garden. they are at max growth now, so i gave them 6 inches between each rose so they could all get air. when i trim then in spring, they will be much further apart. that's fine. all that took about 3 and a half hours. i came in, ate dinner, went back outside to give them a good watering and then it was dark! i got another hosta for underneath my shade trees and will get one more. i can't remember where this hosta is that i planted 2 years ago. it had zig-zag leaves. i loved it. maybe i covered it with dirt. maybe it'll show up next year. i dunno. gardening is always a surprise!

    i am rolling around on the ground, in the dirt, which has been dry the last 2 days. it's raining now and will though out the night. up and down, roll on the ground. i slept so well. my doctor called, said the blood tests for my thyroid and other stuff he took were all within normal range, so no probs. still gotta make an appt. for a mammogram and a bone density test. i've had 3 bone density tests since menopause and they all showed good bone strength. they just run a bone scanner over your body. it takes 5 minutes.

    i don't think i am going to be able to do anything in the front...maybe plant some catmint, if that. i don't plant after the end of october because plants need a few weeks to grow some more roots so they anchor firmly in place. i put some composted manure and peat moss at the bottom of the trench so the roots of the roses could get some nutrients right away and grow a bit. peat moss and composted manure aren't strong fertilizers, so they're not going to make the plants go crazy.

    i am having a bumper crop of tomatoes after so few last year. i amended the soil in the garden (more manure) and i sprinkled the tomato plants with epsom salt water. it helps the plant absorb nutrients and prevents that yellow leaf spotting. i had very little of that this year. so i am dipping tomatoes in hot water to loosen their skins, then dipping in water with ice to make the skins slip off. so easy! i am freezing the tomatoes for use in chili and soups in the fall and winter.

    so tomorrow is grocery shopping day. i hate it. but, i go to 3 stores and get food for the week. i rarely need something extra during the week and that cuts down on impulse buying (yeah, i need some caramels with that cilantro...hahaha).

    i'm going to read a bit and go to bed.

    thank you all for caring and sharing...
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    Here's to good women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them.
    "The world is a better place when you're barefoot." Mark
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