I remembered my Thank You God this morning and as usual it brought a smile to my face. I must have done it the second I woke because I barely remember lol.

all of our snow is gone. Been raining on and off for two days. Here's your global warming twit! Sorry meant nobody here lol.

My truck still needs it's tire changed. CJ would rather have me take him to work in his car at three and then come and get him when he gets out at 11 at night. Seriously....I'm in bed between 9:30 and 10:30. If I need it then I'll do it but it is a chore. My insurance pays for rides and today will be Jared's first time my second using them. They brought me home from the hospital when I broke my leg. It will be warm enough this weekend for him to do it.

I am grateful that I have crutch experience with this snow and I can use the leg, at first I thought it ridiculous that they didn't cast it but now I am glad. I just have to be careful about putting pressure on the calf and how I turn my foot. I can kind of gimp around without my crutches in short bursts but I don't want to have this take any longer than necessary so I try to make them infrequent. Not to mention the pain. I remembered that I have one of those walker type roller seat with the hand brakes in my back seat. Wonder if I can use that instead of crutches. I probably could get one of those knee rollers.

I see the heart doctor Thursday and will finally get this heart monitor off. I am anxious to get it off yet it has become a sort of security blanket for me. Being without it I feel like I will have to be more responsible for my health and have to make some changes besides exercise and diet. Pay more attention to what my body is telling me and not be afraid to go to the hospital. Have Jared help me pay more attention and as much as I hate to burden him he will need to keep an eye out if I am out in the back forty or something.

The CBD isn't working much for my pain but I may not be using it often enough, I may need a different strain. I am beginning to think I need a new caregiver. Mine are having a rough time, lost a grow because they had a falling out with who was taking care of it. Then started again and that all turned seedy thanks to an unscrupulous clone seller. Then they both got sick her in the ER and then him with the flu. I finally made it there on Sunday after being out for a while.

Rose I looked up Qigong and a bunch of YouTube videos popped up. Looks wonderful. Is that something you would do before or after a more weight oriented workout. I also looked up the difference between that and Tai Chi. I have to get my living room back in shape from the holidays and preleg, some things need to be moved around, then I can put my Nano Chair back in the living room. Pop the workout DVD back in the player and leave it there. Get use to using it again. I do see that there are a couple of workout shows on cable like Sit and Be Fit that I can probably get with On Demand on cable. There is a newish workout out there called PiYo that I really liked but I don't know if that is too ambitious for me. They do have a modifier in the background for those who just can't do all the moves yet. I was seriously thinking of ordering it last fall but I wanted to wait and see what the issues with my back are. I can use my chair because it is mostly sitting and if my back is bothering me I can go lighter on the core.

Clouds you are very quiet, how are you?

Jingle my local library is attached to a senior center and sometimes they combine and have their sales together. I love it. It has been a while since I have been to one. I think that is probably a good thing. I use to go to sales and I always seemed to leave with a Christmas decoration. Now I have bins full. I finally quit but I have plenty of room outside for decorating.

Jeannie I hope you are getting plenty of healing rest.

I hope everyone peeping has a great afternoon.