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    Hello guys, i'm new here and i recently discovered this site and hope someone can help me here. I'm 26 years old and in 2012 I began to notice a loss of force to pick up objects. Today I can say that it is like a loss of fine motor skills, in addition, some movements seem not arise from "fluent" how old it seems that I need to think more about the movement. Also, currently I face resting tremor in both hands and in addition feel a kind of "internal tremor" throughout my body.
    Before 2012, I had the feeling that this tremor was only when I woke me up in the middle of the night tired corrupting my sleep. Today, even sleeping eight hours, I notice that tremor on waking. I did MRI and detected some disc protrusions in both the lumbar region, as in the neck affecting only the outermost part of the spinal cord.
    Doctors say that this type of protrusion is not enough to cause the problems I'm feeling. I'm lately very tense in the trapezius muscle area and notice that these tremors worsen with stress and also fatigue. I had never felt this before and western medicine is no longer getting anything useful to say to help me. Most doctors only prescribe drugs and ready, release me.
    The last doctor I talked believes may be all psychological, or sleep deprivation and stress, but as a treatment said to reconcile with the discomfort I feel?
    These symptoms are already starting to disrupt my social and academic life. I'm afraid to be some progressive disease such as Parkinson's, MS or ALS. The last neurologist made ​​a series of clinical examinations, testing my reflexes and sensations and told me everything was ok and that I should follow the framework would be extended gradually since then but I would suspect that it is something more serious.
    Does anyone happen to live this situation? I know I was careless with my health and my diet since I was diagnosed in 2009 with the first protrusion in the lumbar and at that time I was already geared to practicing pilates or weight training and never did. On the issue of diet, ate a lot of junk and I know that I probably have some nutritional deficiency.
    Today I search a lot about alternative therapies to try to find anything that "modern" medicine does not give satisfactory answers to the patient.
    I thank the attention.

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    Hi there,

    I wouldn't be too concerned about it, i have alot more symptoms which are much more worse and ive actually gone and had an EMG and Nerve conduction test done which came back normal but since my symptoms haven't improved due to which i am still in limbo. I suggest you have an EMG and Nerve conduction done just to rule out the scary diseases such as ALS.

    Hopefully everything will turn out normal as expected

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