Dear All,

My problem/symptoms as below:

Initially started with symptoms on October 19th, with being very dizzy, nausea and vomiting. Stopped after taking two doses of Dramamine.

I had mild symptoms with lightheaded and dizzy feeling that I went saw the doctor on October 24, Doctor diagnosed me as vertigo that can last for weeks. She prescribed me with Meclizine. I also checked for vitamin d3 that is quite low , she prescribed me with vit d3 50,000 iu.

I had my eye checkup last week, she told me that my eyesight is fine, but I am straining too much while doing the test.

I still feel slight dizziness and lightheaded until now. Meclizine makes me more sleepy , I do not know whether it is helping?

Some of my other blood work reports

A1c - 5.7

Vit b12 - 285 , (Range 195-935)

Vit d3 - 21 (range 30-100)

I have started taking vit B12 supplements too.

I have also taken a MRI, results as below:



Magnetic resonance imaging of the brain was carried out utilizing T1,
T2 and FLAIR sequences. Images were obtained in axial, coronal and sagittal


Dizziness, vertigo, lightheadedness, anterior head pressure, since


Several scattered small ovoid and punctate foci of T2/FLAIR in the
subcortical and deep white matter of both frontal lobes are nonspecific. No
subcallosal striations are seen on sagittal FLAIR images to suggest a
demyelinating process.

The brain otherwise appears normal without intracranial hemorrhage, edema,
infarction, extra-axial fluid collection, hydrocephalus or mass. Paired midline
structures are centrally located and symmetric without shifting. Diffusion
weighted imaging reveals no acute process.

The pituitary gland, cerebellopontine angles, craniocervical junction, basal
ganglia and brainstem appear normal. Included portions of the vascular flow
voids appear grossly normal.

Paranasal sinuses and mastoids are clear.


1. Small scattered nonspecific focal white matter signal abnormalities in both frontal lobes can represent migraine change. Minimal chronic microvascular ischemic change is considered less likely in this age group without other comorbidity, such as vasculitis. Although no subcallosal striations are seen on sagittal FLAIR images to suggest a demyelinating process, multiple sclerosis is a possibility in this age group and gender. Clinical correlation is recommended with laboratory values. If clinical symptoms persist or worsen, followup MRI of the brain with and without gadolinium including diffusion-weighted and sagittal FLAIR sequences [on a 1.5 Tesla magnet ONLY] along with MR angiography of the head and neck are recommended.

2. No acute intracranial process, intracranial hemorrhage or sizable mass.

So far nothing is helping, still feeling dizzy and light headed. Hope someone can advise me.

Thank you