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Thread: hello out there.... aka where the heck is everyone?

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    HI All,

    This site changed in the summer and apparently I did not get the memo. I have looked and looked and could not find you anywhere. Well today is my birthday and I got a birthday card from Brain Talk Communities, so I found you again. I am so happy about that and wish you all well. What a nice birthday surprise for me, to get back here!

    As for energy it took me 2 years of moving very slowly and increasing slowly to work out a walking routine at the gym. I can walk pretty fast enough to sweat for 25 minutes 3 to 4 times a week. Sometimes I need a pain pill but not very often. The more I do it the better I feel. I would like to work up to 30 minutes maximum. It is a great feeling because I feel the same as when I played sports. I hated working it up so slowly but I had to start with less than 10 minutes in the begining and never run. I get IVIG every 3 weeks and in fact it was due today but we postponed it until Thurs. I can feel the tiredness and did not "walk" today, but I know both things are a God send and have both have helped me much. I also lift some weights started with 3 or 5 pounds. It all helps. Best Wishes, Peg
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